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SHIPPING INCLUDED for all of my online stock.

Botanical illustration, surf art, acrylic, watercolour, oil paintings, custom made commissions often with a botanical theme.

Attention to detail and love for colour and earthy subjects.

F L O W E R S 

NEW from Spring! Giulia grows and arrange flower bunches, always seasonal and chemical free.

Available for florists and privates in the area of North-West Clare, Ireland; commercial venues and small events willing to add unique wild & cultivated flower arrangements. 


Due to Covid-19 restriction in Ireland and abroad I am not holding any art workshop until further notice.


currently not available due to Covid-19.

Image by Mathyas Kurmann
Marble Surface

 I like your mindset and would definitely trust anything you sell. It’s made with a passion. Good luck Giulia 🌹☘️💐🇮🇪🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇪🌹☘️💐💚

Derek. Ireland.

My mindset before buying the artwork was excitement to decorate my new dining/kitchen area with some beautiful botanical art. Giulia is the best botanical artist I know and I adore her vegetable and fruit watercolors. I've been wanting to purchase her art for a long time. The art is so colorful and I gained 2 beautiful additions to my apartment. They make me feel more creative and inspired just looking at it. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends!

Olivia. Texas.



I visited your shop with the mindset that I wanted to purchase something modest that I could give people I love. I gained the pleasure of giving the cards to the people I love. The cards are a modest gift, but for those with imagination they can taste like aubergine, pumpkin or hazelnut! Equally, they can feel to the touch like the spring bulbs: snowdrops and irises or crawl into the memory like ivy does. Sometimes they can sound like a puffin's flight. I would certainly recommend your products to people I know. Doing that again and again by getting more cards! With much appreciation for your work.

Hi, Giulia, just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful painting you did for us.

I wanted to have a beautiful piece of art for our family and in particularly it was a gift for my wife as she was due to give birth to our Second Son. And so there's a bit of symbology in terms of what you were able to incorporate into the picture for us, which is just behind me in the kitchen and I suppose what we got from you was a beautiful piece of art 

thus we will always cherish and I will always have pride of place in our home and it has a huge amount of meaning to it.

Would I recommend you to my friends or family? I absolutely would.

From the start you were very professional in terms of how we engaged on us. You're very open to listening to my ideas and taking your own artistic twist on that but always respectful of what it was that we wanted to gain from the picture and as everyone can see it. It's a beautiful piece of art beautiful thing that we would always have and yeah, I suppose.

 I am just absolutely delighted with it. So, thanks again.

Richie. Ireland.

a new website is on the way... stay tuned!

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